Meysam Iranpanah


Meysam Iranpanah : Master's degree in cognitive science.

POST Doctorate of Business

EMAIL: meysam(@) or iranpanah.brain(@)


I believe human behavior can be either probable or imminent. In probable behavior the result of adaptive brain process is observed but in imminent behavior we see the exaptation of brain process. I'd like to conduct a research and detect these parts of brain, then consequently build a model to predict, explain and manipulate behavior.

I have been researching theory of mind since 2016 to achieve my goal. Due to lack of Facilities in Iran I designed an online eye and facial expression test in 2017 and started tests in Persian. By comparing test and brain coach results, I discovered a relation between theory of mind and life planning. After all, I decided to share my findings with others and launched a project by the name of HCP.

Designed projects and models

Designed and launched online company, working in analysis and modeling human behavior. (since 2005)
Designed and launched Human Exaptation Project (HEP), researching in adaptive and exaptation human behavior. (since 2019)
Designed Cognitive Negotiation Course (Negotiation Profiling) (2014 to 2017)
Ongoing work on the theory according to situation in theory of mind. which, I have named uniform theory (since 2018)
Ongoing work on human concept and Time turmoil (since 2018)


The role of perceived emotion and language in a anticipation of theory of mind


Human behavior analysis and modeling course (one year) (since 2016)
Detecting deceptions and lies (since 2005)
Cognitive negotiation (since 2014)
Nonverbal Behavior (Semiotics) (since 2005)
Verbal Behavior (Verbal Skills) (since 2010)