Exaptation Theory of Mind

Accordingly, and considering my major and personal interest in exploring research, I have undertaken a project under the title of “HCP” standing for Human Concept Project and Exaptation Theory of Mind is the first attempt of HCP to take first steps of defining exaptation in realm of Human Concept. To begin, I selected Theory of Mind which is a matter of great importance in designing smart systems, changing/alerting attitudes in education, and defining the concept of human. I do believe that social function of Theory of Mind has undergone exaptation and its function adaptability lasts in our genetic coding system which is a more beneficial function than the social one.

HCP project will reveal potentials of interpreting, predicting and mind engineering particularly for human subjects by hopefully being globally sponsored..

The first chapter is a brief review of available data called “Present Reality” and the outcomes of the research are concisely presented. The second chapter named “Pretend” explores the causes and other functions and finally the third chapter called “Desired Reality” studies its effects on different fields of mind and brain.

I believe that theory of mind is survival adaptability and social interactions, understanding others’ beliefs and intentions are its exaptation. The reevaluation to the theory of mind is required and I propose the following definition:

Theory of mind is the ability to understand situations and achieve reality in the past, present, and future in himself and others.

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