Uniform Theory

Uniform of Mind (UoM) is a new approach in Theory of Mind (ToM) which is a sub field of study in human mind developmental studies in cognitive science. (UoM) provides a new perspective of mental status, belief, desire and thinking process. (UoM) explains how brain decides to take actions regarding reasoning, planning and solving problems in a totally novel manner. UoM differentiates between imminent and probable person who take substantially various reactions facing a time turmoil or other perceptions of time
This theory suggests four new concepts that could be applicable in AI, human behavior, education and mental treatment.
(UoM) demonstrates how Human brain visualizes and anticipates the future situations to achieve balance for survival. Brain decides, plans and acts in the present situations according to the distance ratio between simple reality and the desired situations. This function has caused human to desire and make an imminent environment and behavior.
(UoM) depicts that a probable person’s brain visualizes and predicts the present and the future via the concepts related to past situations stored in his memory and at the moment decides, plans, and acts in order to reach balance considering the gap between the present reality and the desired reality. However, an imminent person replaces the probable processes of prediction of the brain with the hypothetical and desirable situations that society has created in the form of conventional concepts and stereotypes and decides, plans and acts accordingly.
This term was first introduced in 2020. Uniform of Mind is a newly coined term to explain how people as descent primates ensure their survival following predetermined beliefs.

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